Get Paid for the Ads on Your Screen 💸

We replace ads on the web with our own ads and pay you 80% of what we make.

It's your computer. Get paid for the ads on it.

How to earn money

Sign up for a Guppy account.


Install the Guppy browser extension:

2. Coming soon!
 - Firefox extension.


Surf the web with the Guppy browser extension and earn money for seeing ads the web!

Guppy payout goals

Current estimated payout: $1 per month
Payout goal: $55 per month

How it works

We remove online ads from companies like Facebook and Google that track you and monetize your personal data.

We replace these ads with our own, and when we make a dollar, we give you eighty cents.

You paid for your computer. It's your billboard. Your attention is valuable. Get paid for it.

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